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  1. Hi Leslie, please complete our puppy application and your name will be on our waitlist for puppies!

    Thanks for your interest in our puppies. Linda Luikens, Highmoon Havanese

  2. seeking rretired female for comanion to our 6 yr old male & companion to me & my husbanmd our male will not bond with jim, feedimg breal\\sfast. treats. He really is missing haveng a dog that go to knowles, home depot with him. for s ome reason our male much prefers women. Jim tries everything to be friends with hims. any suggestions or possibility of a femsle youm for us? karalee

  3. Hello
    This is my first visit to your site and most likely not my last. Such beautiful pups! I intend to complete an application which will tell you more about me.
    Thanks for your time.

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